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Friday, January 19th, 2007
12:05 am
January again?
Ok I'm going to try this...

I'm not having a very good week.
The film history course I signed up for that I was really looking forward to sucks and will be just a bother so I'm dropping it.
I haven't been sleeping well this past week and last night I was up for most of the night with Mark who then had car trouble and then slept a bit here and then left at 5:30 am after we passed out for an hour. Then once we got his car jumped I went back to sleep until getting up like another hour and a half later for school.
School was from 9am to 7:30pm and I was shaking by the time I got home. Kat gave me sleeping pills when I went over to her house to do school work and now I'm waiting for them to kick in.
Being crazed from a lack of sleep I've been really anxious and nervous about the whole second semester thing. Last transition I made in school was a mess and now I'm afraid that I'm mourning that and fearing that a similar reaction will kick in.
Having entered New Paltz for a second semester I had been dealing with that creepy guy, then my cousin attacking that boy, my laptop being stolen, and losing Emily as a friend too, not being able to sleep at night after all that, dealing with Nicole and her pregnancies and her mother, losing Kate as a friend, one of my closest cousins dropping out of highschool and hurting herself physically, having my mother's best friend (and one of my closest older friends) pass away, having to be rescued from the flood and leaving the house completely surrounded by water, and dealing with school and of course the resulting depression and anxiety and insomnia and frequent panic attacks.
Now I'm here worried, not being able to sleep again, my dad has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and will be undergoing surgery soon and will be out for a month, and I'm just a mess.

That's my rant. Sleep now.
Monday, January 15th, 2007
11:51 am
fuckin lj can rot in hell
It's time I posted my hatred for live journal, which is somewhat ironic and yes stupid considering I hate it but here goes. I hate this site, it's stupid and I want to stab it... but then there's the other part of me who says "nnoo megan, don't do that, live journal is your friend" AHHH maybe I can pass it off as the internet in my head. Anyway.. I'm just throwing it out there that if livejournal was a person, I would be it's murderer. ps i hooked up with Mark again and now im just really confused. peas mah homies.
Saturday, December 16th, 2006
3:14 am
Fuckin delta
I hate Delta. Kat and I found out our flight was delayed today because of the crazy windstorms that literally rocked my apartment building last night. So Delta's having all these delayed flights. But the other airlines are having only slight problems. Over the course of six hours of sorting people by flight, sitting around on the airport floor, and trying to keep sane Delta cancelled almost all of their flights. But not because of the weather. There were no winds or rain anymore, they had lost power in the morning andn that put them behind so instead of just cancelling the morning flights they pushed everyone back and by that time the planes couldn't stay at the airport. It's a rule for the planes and airport that the planes and crew can't stay more than seven hours. So pushing back all the flights meant that they past that limit of time and the flights had to be cancelled. We had Kat's cat with us who was all drugged up so he would have a happy flight and spent most of the time just rolling around in his box. People were getting into fights and yelling at the workers who weren't telling us anything. We took up a huge portion of space since no one was getting on the flights. Some guy put his bag near us then walked away and security had to come get it and check it out. So ANYWAY I go to change my flight, but they wouldn't do it there because they're fucktards and I have to call but its all busy and so when I finally use Kat's phone after she gets a flight out tomorrow morning, all the flights are overbooked until Sunday. But I get to fly first class so thats a perk. I need to sleep. All I've had to eat today was half of a burrito and some dollar ramen soup. I exhausted physically and mentally.
Tuesday, December 12th, 2006
4:21 am
Movie recommendation!!!!
What do you do when you've gotten halfway through reading a long-winded play with a close friend? Watch porn of course. That's what I did tonight. Kat and I got bored with doing our homework and so we put on this porn, Pirates, for a quick giggle. We watched quite a lot of it and I have to say I really enjoyed it. The best part is that we hardly watched any of the sex, I mean in porn so it's hard to ignore the sex, but the movie had a lot of plot in it too. It had such bad acting; all blondes who couldn't put together a complete sentence, a mean pirate who apparently is Italian and from Brooklyn, a Native American priest played by an Hindu, and a whiny, cry-baby, will ferrell look-a-like who at one point curls up naked on the floor with a sheet and cries. Hilarious! In one scene this woman was being masterbated out of both holes with two lit candles (the lit end sticking out of course) but who thinks of this shit. There were pirate ship battles and angry skeletons with swords. And someone actually used the line "I don't want her scuuuurvy vagina!" It was great, I recommend.
Monday, December 11th, 2006
12:54 am
on my island
the presentation went on, if not as smoothly as I had hoped. I did so much friggin research for it I felt like it wasn't worth what showed in the presentation, now if I had to write a paper on it... anyway. Was at school saturday doing work and today I did all my laundry which translates in to all my clothes. I have less than a week left before I leave here. Yay! I already have plans to see my cousin Pat at Bard, maybe see Noah while I'm up there- who knows, hang out with Maeve -sushi and a movie definitely, get my hair done, and go to a Cheetah Girls concert before Christmas. I know I probably won't be able to see you two before Christmas, but I'm looking forward to when we do get together. I'm exhausted. I don't know why its not like I was running around today. Maybe I'll go to sleep soon.
Wednesday, December 6th, 2006
4:29 am
Quantum teleportation, Falcon headed Ancient Egyptian gods, and sprinkles
Ok, so in less than two weeks I'll be home! YAY!!! Next friday to be exact... Kat (who lives in connecticut) happens to be taking the same plane as me and we'll be taking her cat with us. I might have mentioned this before. Anyway, I felt the need to rant a bit on livejournal because I'm about to go to sleep and I don't want the following things goin round in my head.

Kat's birthday is tomorrow, actually today now and I said I'd bake her a cake. So after getting back late tonight I started to get ready all this stuff that I had bought at the store before coming home- sprinkles, cake mix, frosting, candles... and I realize that we only have one egg left and I needed three in all. Dammit!!! Now I could have just been like, "ok Megan, fuck the cake.. cake's not what makes a birthday" (although the cake does make up like 72.43% of a birthday)
So I'm sitting around in despair... no cake is bad because Kat has given up on birthdays and I'm determined to make this one good... apparently things go wrong on her birthday... bf sleeping through it, blizzards, car breaking down, people forgetting it in general.. so I felt so stupid not being able to make the cake. But I say "Megan, you better find a way to make this fucking cake!" So, I google egg substitutes (i love google) and find that I can use a mushed up banana with oil... now: cake is baked, frosting's on and it's sprinkletastic!
I can't account for the taste but we'll find out tomorrow morning in class where I'm bringing it in and we're celebrating. Ok, good.

BUT, (there's always a but) with one small problem out of the way I have this 10 minute presentation and 10 minute Q and A in my philosphy of time class on Friday on ancient egypt and time, I'm doing a slideshow... I'm so NERVOUS!!!! why? well I feel like an idiot in the class already because there are a lot of really smart people in the class who are really into the subject matter and now I have to speak in front of them and answer questions!
QUESTIONS!!! ANSWERS!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!! If this post doesn't make much sense i'm sorry, im really tired. ANYWAY, I'm just really nervous. I think I might have taken on a subject that's too big for me... ancient egypt 3,000 fucking years of lots of amazing stuff that I'm trying to squeeze into a 10 minute slide show that I'm still struggling to put together in some coherent order! jesus, no... BEFORE JESUS! 3,000 years!
I've got it all written out on the wall in front of me (literally, i have my notes taped up to the wall) but I keep confusing Horus and Thoth and can't remember which of all the gods are falcon headed and which have bird like heads!

So, problems:
-big presentation on friday that keeps invading my dreams and making me skittish in the waking world
-i have no way to carry the cake to class tomorrow
-essay to write tomorrow before my afternoon class
-i also somehow have to figure out how quantum teleportation works before that class too (not joking about that either)

I hope everyone's doing well... Happy December btw!
Saturday, December 2nd, 2006
5:17 am
its almost smoky out
seattle is completely covered in an unnatural fog very fitting for a scooby doo episode
Thursday, November 30th, 2006
5:41 pm
Don't strep it...
I'm not sure what I wrote about last but we got a snow day on tuesday and I went to the doctor about my throat. It had been hurting pretty badly. So they test for strep and I get a call after I leave saying, no strep you're good. Ok, wedneday I go into school and then to the vet after class with Kat and her cat and while I'm with her I listen to this voicemail saying "this message is urgent: hi megan this is dr showell's office, you have strep you need to call us back right away" so i do have strep. i took the pills last night pretty early and then passed out from 7:30 -12:30 and then moved into my bedroom and woke up much later on. I didn't go to class today at all because im still contagious and I know they would kill me (they being the people in my class) if i spread this to them. Both times I woke up I felt as if I had a pretty bad hangover. Dehydrated and nausious. Weird.
Tuesday, November 28th, 2006
2:43 am
turkey tease
snowy, cold, me sick. its nasty. im fuckin tired of all this shit. i just wanna go home for a nice normal meal and not have to worry about slipping on the ice, wet pavement, damp leaves and slidding a quarter mile downhill while on my way anywhere! this thanksgiving weekend was not good to have... I've gotten a taste of no school.. now I need more. I have a presentation to do in a week and a half on Ancient Egyptian life and how the concept of Time relates and somehow today I signed myself up to be the first person to go. How? Hmmm? Its not like there was a list, but I had raised my hand to say I wouldn't be able to go the Friday after and suddenly I'm the first person on the list to go. I need to pay more attention to what the hell is going on around me. anyway, like I said.... not good, tired, sick. I NEED CHRISTMAS COOKIES MUNCH MUNCH YUM YUM!!!
Tuesday, November 21st, 2006
12:27 am
Turkey and some film history
Today has been nice. I went to school really early and registered for my classes, I got all the ones I wanted. Then I went back home and fell asleep then woke up and wrote a paper for the class I had that day. So I went to that class in the pouring rain and afterwards got some coffee and walked home a peppermint mocha from starbucks, yumyum... going home it wasn't raining. So when I got home I played some video games slumped over the armchair wrapped in a blanket. Sarah put on some soothing music and I just relaxed completely. It was a nice way to end the day and now I'm just a blob draped over this chair.

So, Sarah and I are having a Thanksgiving Dinner on Wednesday for some people who are staying here for the holiday. We're putting together some stuff and having people bring stuff. It's going to be so lovely. I love food.

I'm taking lots of classes next semester, it's a lot but I'm excited about them!
This is what I'm taking:
-Theater Graphics (3 credits) - per.prod. required class, drafting, modeling, costume rendering
- Fundementals, costuming and scene shop (3 c.)- fundementals of each shop, making our own costumes, building puppets etc
-Production Lab (2 c.)- work in the costume lab on the shows that semester
-Literature of Theater (2 c.) - reading plays woo hoo
- Intro. to Production design 2D (2 c.) - not sure but apparently the prof is a bit bitchy
-Contemporary Art History (3 c.)- art from 1945 to the present
-Stage Make-Up (1 c.) - we'll be having this in a theater dressing room, learning to do special effects, aging etc
-Film History (2 c.) - focusing on the genres of musical, action, and sci-fi

It all adds up to 18 credits but its still a lot of classes!! If I stay in all of them and pass (which I'm setting my goal for!!!!) I'll have enough credits at the end of the spring semester to be considered a JUNIOR!!! Finally, after all thats happened in the past two years I'll be further on my way to bettering myself!!! wooo hoo, it makes me so happy to see that im not the fuck up that I was back then!

I'll update soon!

PS I'm going to try to get totally smashed on Thanksgiving.. I'm craving tequila and I want to celebrate the actual thanksgiving day with a bang

Current Mood: cheerful
Sunday, November 19th, 2006
1:16 am
A home for our pet
QUICK POST!!!! Went out grocery shopping with Sarah today. She got a roasting pan for her turkey and was so excited. We went into a store to look at clothes afterwards and the guy made her check the turkey pan box at the front counter... you know those people with roasting pans, ya can't trust 'em!!! When she got home she put the turkey in the pan and was so happy that it was in its "new home"- it was so cute. Well, a block of dead, frozen bird is not cute, but her excitement was. I put holds on a crapload of books at the library for my final presentation in my time class. It has to be ten minutes of me talking and then time for questions. That class makes me nervous and you know how I get when nervous. Sarah and I are going to have a Thanksgiving party on Wednesday. We're making invitations. Tired. Craving some tequila or a martini, nah- I'm actually craving both. Peas.

Current Mood: blah
Thursday, November 16th, 2006
11:00 am
Jesus, Mary, and Jo-Jo-Jo-Joseph!!!!
Morning. Really cold. I've got a blanket wrapped around me. It's pathetic, like a little old lady hobbling around. Gotta take a shower soon. It's going to freeze me. Sarah (my apartmentmate) is going to find me encased in ice. Slept for a long time last night. Never got up early. Oh well.

Current Mood: cold
Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
1:08 am
Spreads like a venereal disease, in the butt
Ok, this is an update worth reading. The others are too, but this one is really worth it. Ok background... Kat has this habit of stealing my cellphone and calling people we know and having ridiculous conversations with them. And this one kid we're friends with, she had this absolutely obscene conversation with about how I'm a sex crazed maniac who likes "saggy ball sack"??? Don't ask... I don't like saggy balls but kats a crazy mo-fo. I love her, but shes a crazy mo-fo. So I'm walking in the hall at school today and have this quick convo with this older chick at school who apparently is a huge gossip and everyone knows it and she says to me "hey, i heard you have a wild side" and I'm like, "what" and shes like "yeah" and I was so confused and asked "who did you hear that from and shes like "can't tell ya that!" and at this point we're walking away from eachother because the conversation was just in passing. So, I'm thinking... MARK... the kid Kat had the conversations with. So I call him up and ask him and he's like... "I might have mentioned something to someone" so I ask him what he said and he tells me, "I might have said that you asked me to screw you in the butt." SO, you should know that rumors spread very quickly in cornish and now everyone's going to think that i asked this guy to do this to me. It wouldn't bother me so much if it was actuallly true... but we all know I don't like anal sex! What's the best way to combat something like this... all the talk will go on behind my back so I can't tell anyone the truth unless I bring it up myself. HELP. Love and kisses. -Megan

Current Mood: distressed
Monday, November 13th, 2006
3:11 pm
Dr. Megan and Misses Class
what is up mah homiettes? I is just chillin wit mah peeps (my computer and imaginary friends) and thinking about mah nyc crew. anyway, not feeling too hot. i didnt get any work done this weekend. it rained the whole time and although I went out one night and went to a play another night, I stayed in too much. I had other things I had wanted to do. I never did any laundry nor did I do any school work. So I'm skipping my afternooon class today. It hurts to do it though. This will be the first class I'll have missed this semester. After stopping going to class at New Paltz I have this fear that skipping classes will trigger "the other megan" and things will start all over again. I wish I didn't have to, but two things are due today and I don't have them and I could use that time to get so much done. Thats it, I just have to promise myself that If I don't go to this class I must use the time very wisely and prevent myself from missing that class again. Its funny tho, I know I'm going to have to miss the very last class since my flight interferes. (the 15th Debra... I know you mentioned it in a response somewhere) but these classes are weird in that if i miss today im only technically missing half a class since we have this class for six hours a week. Will update with more... SOOOON UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! I'm so jealous that you two get to see eachother over thanksgiving!!!
Monday, November 6th, 2006
2:35 am
welcome to my most recent post...
...please leave your jackets and hats by the front door and help yourself to some mint iced tea and chocolicious cookies. ANYWAY (I think that might be one of my favorite words), not much going on here. I have my first four day week... this will be my first day off this semester... its on friday!!! I'm currently having a very confusing conversation with Noah who wants to run off and become a chef.....???? but not now, in a year and a half???? no not then... sooner than that?? im so confused. ANYWAY (hehe) it's raining here. It's been raining for the past few days and its making me ick, very ick. I'm considering what classes to take next semester and I'm going to try to get into a stage make-up class!!! There are a few other things that seem pretty interesting, but there is the possibility that i might be taking up to eight classes next semester, so many since they arent worth many credits each... but for some reason require a lot of hours... Like my lab is only 2 credits but I have it six hours a week. ok moving on... I'm reading Les Miserables and I love it!!! I don't know what it is but I'm definitely in a French type of mood. I read The Misanthrope, also french... maybe I should go out for some French food as well!!!! OOOOOO I'm liking the sound of this. Ok, so noah ISN'T sure about whether or not he should stay at bard... he just told me "i love food" at least he has a reason for wanting to become a chef... Sigh.. well nothing else is really happening. I wish I had some exciting wonderful news to share. oh well. love to all, hope you enjoyed the cookies and mint iced tea. MWAA!

Current Mood: artistic
Monday, October 30th, 2006
1:15 am
Ok ok ok, whew... my back is tensing up like a crap load of highly strained rubber bands... this is not good. im going to see a chiropractor as soon as i possibly can or maybe a voodoo healer, i really dont care as long as my back gets fixed. its been like this for the past two days, yest wasnt' too bad but when i woke up this morning... ouch. anyway, trying to write an essay on morality in the movie Memento sucks ass. never do it. if a professor asks you to do it just go crazy, tear at your hair, fling poo, and maybe ask to have a bit more time on the assignment. ok, gots to go to sleep sleep now. love to all. -megan

Current Mood: sleepy too
Sunday, October 29th, 2006
1:19 am
Saturday night
ok so im in the living room/kitchen/dining room and the people below us have been having this party for awhile and the dick above us periodically stomps on the floor/our ceiling. he doesnt even realize that its not us having the party. if he does it again im gonna go up there and be like "uhhh... is something wrong?" he's not doing it that frequently, its just annoying that he thinks its us. my wonder woman costume isn't working out so well. hmmm. anyway, hope everyones doing well. love, megan

Current Mood: blank
Thursday, October 19th, 2006
11:59 pm
The Underpants
My roommate and I went to see The Underpants tonight, a play about a German woman in 1910 who loses her underpants in public and the events stemming from that. Anyway it was fun, we got the tickets for free and wound up sitting next to the president of our college and his wife and he introduced us to the play's director which was neat. This was one of the first showings of it/opening night and one of the actors forgot his line and he paced back and forth on the stage for a while and finally turned to one of the other actors and whispered (pretty loudly) "whats my line?" and the other guy just shrugged and then all the actors on stage started cracking up and this one actress was like "ooo i know it" and the three of them huddled together and then broke up laughing and finally after like 5 minutes of this the play started. the audience loved it though and although a big mis-step, they played it off somewhat cool. Ok, this is in response to beckydarling. I want to get my nose pierced, but there must be at least three other girls in the sophomore year alone at cornish who also have their noses pierced, so what should i do?? i could be totally radical and just not get it pierced... or get both sides pierced HAH eww. anyway.. lemme know your input on that and if you think i should get it done (which im seriously considering cuz i think im cut out for one) which side do you think??? i only have one nose and i dont want to pierce both sides? peas loves
Wednesday, October 18th, 2006
11:54 pm
ok ok so the day started off nicely, but then took a hard crash off a high cliff. i sorta pumped myself up today because it was a really long day and i knew it would be. so i go into class and this humorless bitch dana who my bff here (kat) and i dont like is being really snotty to me and also to everyone else, as she is. and then i get paired up with this kid joshua s. who is the most blatant repressed gay guy ive ever met, from spokane wa and really christian, he doesn't know he's gay... yet. Kat wants to tell him he's gay but we're not sure if we should be that mean to him... yet. hehe. so anyway i get teamed up with joshua s in our scenic fundementals class to make a theater flat. and joshua has been in the theater awhile and apparently started complaining to everyone that it sucks to be paired up with someone as inexperienced as i. i of course did not hear this because i was in lala land in my head dancing around and singing songs up in my noggin. i was sitting right there and never heard a word of what he said. MOVING ON, im paired up with him and he starts talking again (for me only the first time) about how i dont have any experience in this type of work, so i say to him.. "joshua, you want to be a technical director" (someone who tells people how to make things for the theater and oversees that work) "you're going to have to learn to deal with people like me because you're going to get a lot of people who want to help the theater but dont know how to do these things so working with me will be helpful" and he pulls this one right out of his assmouth and throws it at me: "well its my job to make sure people like YOU dont work in the theater". i was pretty hurt. here i am trying to feel good about myself and happy for the 12 hour day im to be spending at school and he pulls that shit. i had no idea what to say. and then some kid in Kat's lab tells her it might be a good idea if she became anorexic and kats like this really skinny thing anyway and the kid who said it to her is this fat egg with some pubic hair stuck on his head. not a pleasant wednesday, not at all. kat and i finally left school at 9 at night after working on our drafting for a while and bitched and bitch for all that time about the stupid people in our class. the good thing about joshua is that no one likes him. the actually tech director overheard what joshua had said to me while i was telling some friends and he was like "i hate that kid" and apparently other friends of mine have overheard the teachers complaining about joshua in the halls n stuff. brilliant, and im stuck doing a project with him. maybe ill stab him... or at least throw things at his stupid headbutt. this was a really long post. sorry. love to all

Current Mood: bitchy
Tuesday, April 25th, 2006
10:45 am
haha so one more entry
the strike is over!! wooo, i still have to fly back to kathmandu because i already bought a ticket, but im leaving today for the capital and soon ill be flying out of nepal forever!!! HAHAHAHAHA. I'll be back thursday morning in america and then im going to spend the next few days fattening up eating all the wonderful foods ive missed. wish me luck and that my everything goes smoothly and quickly. and Becky, thanks for the saltines and ginger ale, they're usually what i have when im sick, but they dont have them here. and Debra, I'm glad you're reading up on international news!! See, I'm helping you become more edjumacated. hehe. miss you. here i go!!!
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